Brian Kay

Eliminating Unnecessary Miles

Every mile you put on your trucks costs money. Fuel alone costs 30-40% of your cost per mile. Then there is the increased maintenance and repairs, along with capital outlay for new trucks. The...

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Eastern Energy Expo

iRely’s Petroleum Business Leader, Brian Kay, led a comprehensive panel discussion on Embracing Technology for Growing your Business at the Eastern Energy Expo in Mashantucket, CT.

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Calculating Degree Days

Calculating Degree Days Heating degree day measurements have been around for a long time. Simply put, it is a way to measure how far the (cold) weather travels in a day, thus you are able to track...

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Pacific Pride Repair Depot

Did you know?! When Pacific Pride can’t resolve your Controller/Printer issues - they engage iRely to help troubleshoot and provide replacement hardware! Read on to learn more about iRely and how...

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iRely Acquires AutoFueling Systems

January 18th, 2016, Fort Wayne, Indiana and Vancouver, Washington – iRely Acquires AutoFueling Systems - Today iRely LLC and AutoFueling Systems, a division of Mekos Corporation, announced the...

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