i21 CRM

i21 CRM is a fully functional Customer Relationship Management software. Integration with other i21 front-end and back-office modules means from the very first interaction, every aspect of your customer relationship is captured. Providing a 360-degree, single-source of truth, solution able to be leveraged across the business to meet customer needs and drive profit for your business.

i21 CRM module enables you to:

  • Drive profitable growth
  • Deliver high-quality customer service
  • Increase customer loyalty & satisfaction
  • Improve customer retention & relationships

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Collect, manage & monitor customer and prospect data
    • Better understand purchasing behavior
    • Improve customer responsiveness
    • Make more informed business decisions
    • Support targeted marketing campaigns
  • Year over year usage analysis to proactively identify potential business threats and opportunities
  • Company-wide access to customer data ranging from contact information to communications to open quotes, orders and contracts all the way through to service history, invoices, credit limits & more…
  • Maintain detailed competitor information and associate it with sales opportunities and customer accounts
  • Dashboards to identify trends, measure & forecast sales activity, opportunities & pipeline as well as overall business performance
  • Determine how to allocate resources to enhance profitability
  • Understand how to effectively spend customer communication dollars

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