Live Traceability

Traceability from farm to fork is no longer a myth - it has become a real requirement for many industries. i21 incorporates a live graphical traceability module with complete drill downs that allows our Customers and their auditors to conduct recalls within a few seconds.

i21 Traceability traces all production processes and inventory movements for a given lot number. Forward and Backward traceability are supported with live ‘where else used’ feature. You can forward trace from receipt, to storage movements, production processes, all the way to shipments; or the backward trace, starting with a shipment and go back to raw material lots that went into producing that finished goods product.

In the event of a recall or mock recall, i21 allows you to quickly and easily track down substandard or contaminated batches. Avoid poring through heaps of paper. Quickly zero into all components of a finished good product run.

Need to peer into all the finished goods produced from a particular lot? No problem. We have you covered with the click of a button!