Web Collaboration Portal

iRely’s Web Collaboration Portal allows our Customers to extend business efficiencies beyond their enterprise. Data can now be securely shared with your Customers and Vendors over the internet through a browser in real-time.  Unlike most other software companies, the design of our Web Collaboration Portal is unique. The portal is the same browser based i21 application that our Customers’ users use on a daily basis. Relevant data is now exposed through security settings and configurations in i21 which allows the application to be extended beyond your enterprise.

The Portal enables you to:

  • Provide 24×7 account and position information to your Customers and Vendors
  • Make quicker better decisions by allowing your Customers and Vendors to work with you and review documents on line and real time.
  • Give Customers and Vendors the level of visibility and contribution that you want them to have.
  • From contracts all the way settlements, and every step of the way – the Portal allows you to collaborate quicker and easier than ever.
  • Eliminate clerical review and effort by automating manual processes.
  • Ensure your risk position is accurate by giving customers access to their position in real time