iRely i21

i21 is a revolutionary, enterprise solution for the Agriculture and Petroleum industries. With Front, Middle and Back office functions spanning Origination, Procurement, Trade, Risk Management, Inventory, Processing, Retail Distribution, CRM and Financial Accounting all on a contemporary, modular, easy to implement and high performance web architecture.

i21 Technology

  • 100% browser based IT platform using advanced technology components
  • Sencha (HTML5/JavaScript)/SQL
  • Agile Delivery Methodology
    • Four upgrades a year
    • Constant addition of new features
  • Zero client footprint
  • Multiple Device Support
  • Multi-tier Architecture
  • Separation of User Interface (presentation), Business Logic (middle tier), Database (back end)
  • Scalability & ability to move to new presentation technologies as they become available
  • Simplicity and ease of use is a big factor
    • Browser application with client server feel

Unique approach to Quality

  • Test Driven development
  • Automated testing
  • Thousands of test cases written inside the code for regression
  • Allows us to be agile
    • Deliver new features at a rapid pace and with reliability

GCE – Global Component Engine

  • Powerful set of internal components that deliver global functionality
  • Helps eliminate duplicate code, enable global consistency and reduce bugs.
  • It’s a group of code (Components) that is reusable and common to many modules (Global) which make up the base foundation (Engine) of i21.