iRely Announces Expansion of Business Process Review

Fort Wayne, IN, September 10, 2019 – iRely, LLC (, the premier global partner providing commodity procurement, trading and risk management software announces the expansion of our Business Process Review (BPR). iRely enables companies to manage core business processes within a single easy-to-use system configured to their requirements. The iRely BPR is the first step in a Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) software solution working with businesses to establish the foundation for partnership and define your desired project outcome.

Today, commodity trading or procurement businesses are creating systems utilizing many individual components including contract management, logistics, accounting, inventory management, demand planning, position management and CRM. This is a costly and resource heavy approach which is not scalable. Businesses are not always sure what they require to make a software change. Software evaluation teams don’t fully understand the scope of requirements and what is missing from their current systems.

The BPR is an onsite evaluation of your current business processes in detail, achieved through analysis of your team, processes and technology with the assistance of iRely functional and implementation experts. iRely will work closely with the businesses team to review and document your business processes and analyze your integration requirements. This provides full visibility to the process to minimize impact to crucial business processes and to the team.

iRely’s BPR will analyze your workflow, identify gaps, requirements, costs, challenges, timelines, and confirm the process and expectations to make development and implementation a successful partnership. Overall, your business will mitigate risk, reduce lost revenue, minimize professional service costs, and minimize disruption to your team.

iRely provides increased customer value across industries by consolidating the individual components into an integrated workflow-based system. Software highlights include streamlined processes, forecasting, risk exposure, quality management, e- document management system, and inventory management. We focus on enhancements that will provide our clients a competitive advantage today and in the future.

“The enhanced Business Process Review provides our customers a solution to meet their business needs, confirm system expectations, and identify development needs.” stated George Olney, President of iRely. “The BPR process confirms what to expect once a CTRM system is implemented and a path forward. This helps to save time, manage costs, and ensure proper implementation”.

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iRely is the premier global partner providing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) software. Our solutions help companies manage core business processes within a single, easy to use system customized to their requirements. These quality solutions are developed and managed by a rapid and complex team with broad subject matter expertise providing a competitive advantage to our customers.


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